I love images, textures, texts
and the art of combining them.

Hi there!

I'm an Argentinian Designer based in Barcelona. I’ve studied Graphic Design, Photography and Social Communication at Rosario University. There, I launched and worked on several projects (Publishing, textile, culture). Afterwards, I moved to Barcelona where I studied self-publishing in Escola Massana and experimented with print techniques. I've got a lot of experience working in online start-ups as Art Director and UX/UI Manager.

My first big personal project was Jack de Salida, an alternative t-shirts brand. As you can see I love underground scene and the counterculture.

I like things that can be holded between hands. So I’ve also designed and produced MemoBCN, a memory game inspired in Barcelona.

I’m part of the TripUniq (a multi-awarded travel planning web-app) founding team as well. 


To know more about what keeps me alive, check my tumblr. Otherwise if you are interested in what I like, enter to my Pinterest.

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